Saturday, February 16, 2008

for the man who shares my life

for the man who shares my life...

i know you're in a very difficult times at this very moment, and i feel so sorry for myself for not being there with you...i wanna hold ur hand and embrace you tight,whisper to your ear that you'll always have me, and i'll always be there for you whenever you call and need me. Everything's gonna be alright baby, it's hard but i know God will help...if only i can get all the pain that there is inside of you, i'll definitely do's so hard for me to see you suffering from it, knowing that i can't do anything....i'm so angry with myself kc alam ko kung gano moko kailangan pro i can't be there with you...bebe mahal na mahal kita...mahal na mahal ko si mama...sobrang sama ng loob ko dahil alam ko situation nya and wala manlang akong chance para mayakap at masabi sa harap nya kung gano ko sya kamahal and gano ako nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng pagmamahal na binigay nya skin...and even for having you in this world for me to love forever..bebe gusto ko mangako ka skin na you'll try everything just to be strong...mama needs you to be strong for her...mahal na mahal na mahal kita bebe...mahal na mahal na mahal....mag iingat ka palagi lalo napo pag nagddrive ka...mahal na mahal na mahal po talaga kita!!!!i miss you..wag moko kalimutan i hug and kiss kay mama ha....*muah*tell her i love her so much....i miss her bebe, i really do miss her...if only God can grant me one wish/gift in life yun yung sana He continues to give us ni mama more time to share memories together...keep the faith bebe...miracles do happen...and God Gives to those who believes in Him....

your loving wife,

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